Little Bot Art Drops

Little Bot art drops are small original drawings by Jake that he hides in cities he visits. From a bookstore's window to the base of a prominent statue, Jake has hidden art everywhere. He then posts on instagram a hint telling where to find the art drop.

Look below to see where Jake will be doing art drops in the future. Follow him on Instagram or Twitter for art drop hints.

Are you a bookstore or library interested in having Jake do an art drop locally? Contact us.

Little Bot Art Drops Coming soon:

Phoenix, AZ

San Francisco, CA

Portland, OR

Salt Lake City, UT

New York City, NY

Austin, TX

Orem, UT

Location: Utah Valley University

Date: September 6, 2016


New York City, NY

Location: Bryant Park

Date: August 2, 2016


Greenport, NY

Location: Burton's Book Store

Date: July 29, 2016


Alright fair people of Long Island, this is it! The art work goes to the first one who finds it.

New York, NY

Location: Books of Wonder

Date: July 26, 2016


That was way too fast. Tommy ran over from Soho and snagged it! Great meeting you!
Also, check out his drawings: (@coyotlg) cool stuff.

Chicago, IL

Location: Art Institute of Chicago

Date: May 12, 2016


Art student Kimberly booked it over here and snagged it right away.

Chicago, IL

Location: Millenium Park, Chicago

Date: May 11, 2016


That was fast! Art drop snagged by @numma_soy!